A generic and accessible individual-based implementation of the Dynamic Energy Budget theory

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Now published and freely accessible:

Martin B, Zimmer EI, Grimm V and Jager T (2012). Dynamic Energy Budget theory meets individual-based modelling: a generic and accessible implementation. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 3:445-449. DOI 10.1111/j.2041-210X.2011.00168.x

Below you can find the DEB-IBM implementation in Netlogo, the user manual, and the model description using the ODD protocol.

NetLogo model:

DEB_IBM-model (v3) Same as v2 but compatible with NetLogo 6

(right click and “save link as”, then remove the “.pdf” or “.txt” and replace with “.nlogo”. See instructions for downloading NetLogo in the user manual.)

DEB_IBM model (v2) Since the publication of DEB-IBM the parameter set for Daphnia magna has been updated in add_my_pet. This new version includes the updated parameter set. Note the figures in the User Manual correspond with the older Daphnia parameter set found in v1.

 DEB_IBM model (v1)

User manual:

DEB-IBM user manual

Model description:

DEB-IBM ODD model description

 DEB-IBM publications:

Martin, B. T., T. Jager, R. M. Nisbet, T. G. Preuss, V. Grimm. (in press) Limitations of extrapolating toxic effects on reproduction to the population level . Ecological Applications Download the Netlogo file of the DEB-IBM model used for the paper. For NetLogo 6 use this file.

Martin, B. T., T. Jager, R. M. Nisbet, T. G. Preuss, M. Hammers-Wirtz, V. Grimm. (2013)Extrapolating ecotoxicological effects from individuals to populations: A generic approch based of Dynamic Energy Budget theory and Individual-Based Modelling. Ecotoxicology 22: 574-583

Martin, B. T., T. Jager, R. M. Nisbet, T. G. Preuss, V. Grimm. (2013) Predicting population dynamics from the properties of individuals: a cross level tests of Dynamic Energy Budget theory.  American Naturalist 181: 506-519

DEB-IBM extensions

These models correspond with the examples from section 4.2 “Guide to adapting the model” in the user manual.

4.2.2 “Daphnia reproduction”


 4.2.4 “Spatial dynamics”



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