Published and in Press in International Peer-reviewed Journals

Martin, B.T.*, S. Munch, A.M. Hein*. (in press). Reverse-engineering ecological theory from data. Proceedings of the Royal Society B. *equal contributors

Martin, B.T., R. Heintz, E.M. Danner, R.M. Nisbet. 2017. Integrating lipid storage into general representations of fish energetics. Journal of Animal Ecology

Martin, B.T.,  A. Pike, S.N. John, N. Hamda, J. Roberts, S.T. Lindley, E.M. Danner. 2017. Phenomenological vs. biophysical models of thermal stress in aquatic eggs. Ecology Letters, 20, 50-59 (pdf)   *Article featuring this research in UCSC Science Notes by Ula Chrobak

Martin, B. T., Czesny, S., Wahl, D. H., & Grimm, V. 2016. Scale‐dependent role of demography and dispersal on the distribution of populations in heterogeneous landscapes. Oikos, 125, 667-673

Nisbet, R. M., Martin, B. T., & de Roos, A. M. 2015. Integrating ecological insight derived from individual-based simulations and physiologically structured population models. Ecological Modelling, 326, 101-112 badgeforauthors

Martin, B.T., R.M. Nisbet, A. Pike, C.J. Michel, E.M. Danner. 2015. Sport science for salmon and other species: ecological consequences of metabolic power constraints. Ecology Letters, 18, 535-544 (pdf)

Fletcher, J., D. Huff, B.T. Martin, D. Jackson, C. Edwards, K. Rose, E. Curchister, K. Hedstrom, S. Lindley, B. Wells. 2015. Environmental conditions impacting juvenile Chinook salmon growth off central California: an ecosystem model analysis. Geophysical Research Letters, 49, 2910-2917

Martin, B. T.T. Jager, R. M. Nisbet, T. G. Preuss, V. Grimm. 2014. Limitations of extrapolating toxic effects on reproduction to the population level. Ecological Applications, 24, 1972-1983

Grimm V., J. Augusiak, A. Focks, B. M. Frank, F. Gabsi, A. Johnston, C. Liu, B. T. Martin, M. Meli, V. Radchuk, P. Thorbek, S. F. Railsback. 2014. Towards better modelling and decision support: Documenting model development, testing, and analysis using TRACE. Ecological Modelling, 280, 129-139

Jager, T., A. Barsi, N. T. Hamda, B. T. Martin, E. I. Zimmer, V. Ducrot. 2014. Dynamic energy budgets in population ecotoxicology: Applications and outlook. Ecological Modelling, 280, 140-147

Martin, B. T., T. Jager, R. M. Nisbet, T. G. Preuss, M. Hammers-Wirtz, V. Grimm. (2013) Extrapolating ecotoxicological effects from individuals to populations: A generic approch based on Dynamic Energy Budget theory and Individual-Based Modelling. Ecotoxicology, 22, 574-583

Grimm, V., B. T. Martin. 2013. Mechanistic effect modeling for ecological risk assessment: Where to go from here? Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management, 9, e58-e63

Martin, B. T., T. Jager, R. M. Nisbet, T. G. Preuss, V. Grimm. (2013) Predicting population dynamics from the properties of individuals: a cross-level test of Dynamic Energy Budget theory.  American Naturalist, 181, 506-519
 * Best Student Paper Award (Honorable Mention)

Jager, T., B. T.  Martin, E. I. Zimmer. (2013) DEBkiss, or the quest for the simplest generic model of animal life history.  Journal of Theoretical Biology, 328, 9-18

Sibly, R., V. Grimm, B. T. Martin, A. Johnston, K. Kulakowska, C. Topping, P. Calow, J. Nabe-Nielsen, P. Thorbeck, D. DeAngelis.  2013. Representing the acquisition and use of energy by individuals in agent-based models of animal populations. Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 4, 151-161

Martin, B. T., E. I. Zimmer, V. Grimm, T. Jager. 2012. Dynamic Energy Budget theory meets individual-based modeling: a generic and accessible implementation.  Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 3, 445-449.

Martin, B. T., D. H. Wahl, S. J. Czesny. 2012. Effect of light intensity, prey density, and
ontogeny on foraging success and prey selection of larval yellow perch (Perca flavescens). Ecology of Freshwater Fish, 21, 588-596

Martin, B. T., S. J. Czesny, D. H. Wahl.  2011. Vertical distribution of larval fish in pelagic waters of Southwest Lake Michigan: Implications for growth, survival, and dispersal. Journal of Great Lakes Research, 37, 279-288.

Book Chapters

Amato, K. R., B. T. Martin, A. Pope, C. Theiling, K. Landwehr, J. Petersen, B. Ickes, J. Houser, Y. Yin, B. Hannon, R. Sparks. 2012. Spatially explicit modeling of productivity in pool 5 of the Mississippi River. In: Ecologist-developed spatially-explicit dynamic landscape models, Modelling dynamic systems. Springer, US.


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